Muddy Saturday at the Castle

In the beginning of December I went to Malbork (as if it is of any surprise to anybody… 😉 )

This time I went for a training, or should I say – to get information about the planned investments. Below are the pictures of how the Castle Ticket office will look within the next 4 years.


It will be a new building – partially under the ground, so as not to interfere into the UNESCO site. It will be spacious enogh for several groups to wait for their guides, as well as there will be at last enough toilets (free of charge). outisde – it will have a parking for the groups to get off their coaches. And it will be the place from which the tours will start. We all are awaiting this innovation – as AT LAST it will be a modern place with the so-called new infrastructure.

After this part of the training, I followed Mr. B.J. (he is the main conservator in the Castle Museum) to the High Castle. He is a great source of information. And he was my teacher during the Castle Guide Course.  I started to collect bricks – inspired by his interesting lectures 🙂

So I followed B.J.- together with my three colleagues. And we had an absolutely excellent exclusive training 🙂

And it was all about… “reading” the walls. One can notice SO much if takes a close look… Or if knows WHAT and HOW to look 😉

Just can’t wait till spring – when my Groups will start coming. And in the meantime – I will start with my Night Tours groups 🙂

So here are some pics of the place 🙂

Enjoy – and come to see it all yourself 😉

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