Visiting Mr. Walesa

Finally, I attach a photo of me with President Walesa.

For years I have been interpreting him at various meetings, and suddenly I have a total of probably about two, maybe three pictures with him.

And yet he is a very significant person, and well known world-wide. Well in a sense he is a symbol of Poland, together with the Pope, and … Chopin.

So here I brag about having a pic done…

Earlier this month I had a great pleasure of accompanying a group of journalists from Montenegro. They had their own interpreter with them. So my role was only to guide them around. We did not have not much time, but neverthless we did see most of what I planned to show them in Gdańsk 🙂

And I also accompanied them to Mr. Walesa’s office. After their meeting with Mr. President, we had a group photo taken 🙂

And here it is :

In this picture - circling Mr. Walesa there were Adnan Prekić, Ivo Lacmanović, Maša Mališić, Razić Ranko, Katarzyna Zielińska, and me 🙂


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