Christmas in Gdansk – Wigilia

Three days of laziness have come.

It is Christmas – which traditionally is a very family holiday in Poland. Most Poles spend this time sitting by the table and… eating. Quite an unhealthy way of celebrating – as the doctors keep alarming.

Something is changing however, and those are changes for better! They are concerning the younger generation mostly, but also the elders are starting to follow. 😉

More and more people decide to leave their homes for Christmas; more and more are going places, celebrating outdoor. At last. It also means that there will be less worn out housewives. Worn out – after the frantic race: cleaning, washing, baking, and cooking. It’s all pointless, as most of the stuff can be bought in good stores, restaurants and bakeries.

And this was the reason I went to the center of the city – to purchase the cakes, and some pastries for the Christmas table. Instead of that pointless kitchen frenzy – I could spare some time for my family.


This year instead of snowy winter and white Christmas – we have rain and winds, and mists, so characteristic rather for autumn than for winter. But who cares – as long as there is a wonderful view to admire, and a perspective of a wonderful family meeting in the evening.

As the climate seems to be definitely changing (warming) there are more and more people coming to Gdańsk for Christmas. They are also coming to Toruń to spend the wonderful winter time here. Especially after the highway A1 FINALLY was opened recently. Also Frombork shows it’s magic of the world’s end, and so are many other places in Poland. They all seem to be more and more attractive every year. I am not speaking of Kraków – which is SECOND in Europe town most visited and, at the same time – second most interesting. But this always had been obvious.


Many hotels and guesthouses all around Poland nowadays are racing in preparations of Christmas stays for their guests, and there is more choice every year.

So – it seems that the traditional Christmas uhealthy gluttony at the table is going to depart finally and hopefully for ever, leaving place for a new – active and more interesitng celebration of this beautiful holiday.

So, Merry Christmas Everyone !!!


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