And so…

And so an interesting project has come to an end. From last year’s March (2020) until this year’s March (2021) I was part of a very joyful project. I appeared in short commercials about Gdańsk and Pomerania.

At first – there were two parts of Gothic in Gdańsk. As far a Gothic architecture is concerned – it is obvious that everyone goes to Torun, to “touch the Gothic”. I too, take my groups and individual guests to that wonderful town, where Doctor Copernicus was born. But here – in Gdansk we also have fine examples of Gothic architecture, which was lucky to have survived WWII. So in our films, we (We: PolandByLocals, who invited me to cooperation and I) decided to show this to the ones who would like to watch the short commercials. Because in fact they are commercials, as we promote Gdańsk. My Gdańsk.

Here you can watch the FIRST and the SECOND part. I liked them both, as it was during the first total lock down in Poland, at the very beginning of the pandemic frenzy. We gave some joy to the people who stayed at homes.

Then, during the second lock down – we made some short films about Christmas in Gdańsk. I loved that series! There were four short films. First one was about TOYS, as we all are children. Then it was about WINTER SPORTS. Then we spoke about some CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS. And we ended with THE LEGEND OF GDAŃSK’S LOVERS.

The latest one, done during the third lock down – is a film about DISCOVERING JEWELS of the POMERANIA Region – (Malbork, Kwidzyn and Pelplin).

So, here I attach links to all the commercials, we did since last March (2020), until now. There will be one more – about my beloved LowLands and the Mennonite heritage.

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