Wisdom has built her house

Well, what better could we await of THIS Castle.

This particular Polish Museum is unique. It is unique both in quality, and spirit. It is unique in history and people. Therefore, no wonder that again we can participate in something very special, namely – in an excellent exhibition.

In this Castle everything is seen, and felt in a different dimension, even the stumble on the pavement of the courtyard is different than on the ordinary, some kind of urban one. So on the 14th of September (it is a special day for the Teutonic Knights, because it is the Day of the Exaltation of the Cross), I had the great honor and incredible pleasure of participating in this other dimension, in something special. It was the vernissage of the newest exhibition “Wisdom has built her house…” The State of Teutonic Order in Prussia.

For quite a while, in the past years, nothing was happening here. The last big exhibitions were held in 2007 (Imagines Potestatis), 2009 (About Johann Carl Schultz) and 2010 (Artistic Foundations in the Teutonic state in Prussia).

So nothing for a long time … Until today.

The vernissage was honored by the Grand Master himself. A little reminder: on August 22, 2018, Frank Bayard, the former General Steward of the Order, was elected the Grand Master.

Over 700 objects and artifacts were brought to the exhibition, including the candle holder of Queen Sofia (this artifact had already visited our castle, during the Amber Contexts exhibition in 2011). But there is also a completely unique “guest” – “A story about the beginnings of the Teutonic Order”, borrowed from the Vatican Library. And another  splendid piece of art – unique, because it is the only such – the epitaph of Bartholomeus Boreschow. The “Cabinet” Madonna from the Pelplin collection came too.

The exhibition presents numerous documents. Among them there is a document about the release of the office by the Grand Master Paul von Russdorf, or the document of April 1525, in which Albrecht the Margrave of Brandenburg, Prince in Prussia, in the presence of Commissioner Jerzy Bażyński assures that the Prussian States have accepted the terms of the peace he has made with the Polish king Zygmunt (The Old).

We will also find a huge collection of liturgical books, such as a beautiful missal from the mid Fifteenth century, or the Life of St. Dorothy from Mątowy Wielkie (Groß Montau).

There are sculptures, like my beloved Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia, or Madonna from Mątowy Wielkie (Groß Montau), or the famous Pietà from Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (Neumark in Westpreußen), or Madonna as Sedes Sapientiae from the Gdańsk National Museum (which unfortunately does not deserve this name), there is also the famous Christ in Ogrójec (Gethsemane).

There are militaria that I haven’t even had the opportunity to see. So I can’t even write anything about the grand master’s armor. It is the one about which rumors circulate that it could be a witness to the Krakow homage from 1525.

There are also wax tablets, and many, many other artifacts from archeological research.

However, I have two comments. Only two. What for the Chief Critic of All Projects is simply nothing.

One note applies to lighting creators: there is now some irrational fashion for spot lighting. Dear “lighting technicians”, visitors are supposed to SEE, NOTICE the exhibitions. So the artifacts are supposed to be “obvious to the eye”. The objects on exhibitions are to be legible. Details are to be visible for contemplation. Unfortunately, instead, they are literally killed and flattened by light at all exhibitions (also here), and therefore their significance has often been offset by light points. And by “blinding” some of the objects (as it does not apply to all exhibits here), at the same time – you darkened the descriptions. Not all visitors recognize the object, so it is worth allowing read the description. This applies to all (unfortunately) exhibitions in Poland.

And the second remark concerns the arrangement of the exhibition itself: the platform in the second dormitory. Invisible, dark, very low. But high enough that a person with sight problems would stumble over.

Below are some pictures of nasty quality, because cell photos … But next time they will be camera!

A misty morning – in a hurry to Malbork castle

It just appeared to me, that for a long time now I have not posted a single word here. Well, the touring season has not come to the end yet, so I scarcely have time to write. But I take pictures… Few of them are HERE, just as a reminder how beautiful are the LowLands, and how magic they can be – especially in a morning mist 🙂

The quality of the photos is bad, but I took them from the train to Malbork Castle, through a dirty train window, and with a mobile phone 😉 I was on my way to meet another wonderful group ready to follow me through the wonderful Biggest Pile of Bricks in the World…


Winter Malbork

Malbork is beautiful all year long. And this is a true cliché.

However most of the visitors prefer to come here in summer. Of course the blackbirds are singing then, and the days are long AND warm… Yet whoever dares to come here in winter – leaves trully bewitched.

To prove this – I attach today’s photos HERE, and HERE some from my archives…

Enjoy 😀

Night views of Malbork Castle

For the past 10 years or so, I have been guiding around the World’s Biggest Heap of Bricks 🙂

Still I find it wonderful, amazing, admirable, exceptional, enchanting… (there still are many more words to express my fascination with the massive beauty of this brick structure and with the medieval engineering 😉 )

HERE is what I caught with my camera while waiting for my group last night…

Enjoy 😉

Malbork is beautiful and impressing during the day. And definitely it is a MUST when in Poland. But in the evening it is even more impressing, as the castle is illuminated – and the lights are focussed on details, which we sometimes do not notice in the daylight.

So – come and visit the Malbork Castle in the evening. From September till April it is possible to do the night tour here – with a delicious stop at the famous Gothic Cafe & Restaurant

Very interesting – CBC podcast

Recently I received an email from one of my former groups member. Dennis and Lenore thank you very much for your warm words! Yes – I remeber our trip! It was a trip of the season 🙂

In his email Dennis advised me about a very interesting series of radio broadcasts – called “The Sword Brothers”. The Candian Broadcast Company really preapred it thoroughly.

And although we prefer to watch rather that listen – it is worth listening to the three quite long episodes. The broadcast gives a lot of detailed information. It is fascinating to hear the history of the Sword Brothers, also with the sounds of the Malbork Castle in the background… This is why I recommend especially Episode 3.

In it you can also hear (among the others) the voice of Mr. Marek Stokowski, who is responsible for the Foreign Cooperation in the Malbork Castle Museum. By the way – he was the one, who showed us and taught (during the very difficult and demanding guide training) the quintessence of the Gothic… By doing this – he gave us the key to understanding the medieval times – meaning mentality, life, and… death.

So enjoy listening to this broadcast – and maybe this will encourage some of you to come and visit the Biggest Heap of Bricks north of Alps – Malbork Castle 🙂

First Episode

Second Episode

Third Episode

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In life and work there are two most important things: Happiness and Friends.

I am a lucky person – as I have both. I am happy with my Family, Job, and Life in general, and I have a wonderful set of Friends….

Here in the picture taken in the Malbork Castle – I have a pleasure to be standing with my Friends…

Those on the sides are Jagoda S. and Mariusz S. – the ones responsible for all the events in the Castle. It is their merit that all the events organized in the Castle end up as success. They are in charge of all the night sightseeings, the conferences, the big and small events, geovernmental meetings, royal visits, etc…

In the middle, with the Cook’s Cap, all dressed in white is Chef Bogdan Gałązka – owner of Gothic Cafe and Restaurant. He cooked for the Greatest of this world, and I can say modestly, that he cooks for me too 🙂

All three of them make my work in the Castle a never ending pleasure 🙂

fot. Kama Trojak

Years ago – Fate made me look on the Castle’s web site, when they were organizing the training fot the new guides. I passed the exam – with the best notes for guiding… And I became rich with not only the marvelous experience. My Biggest Heap of Bricks also gave me Friends 🙂

Therefore – when in Poland – Malbork is an absolute MUST 🙂 Not only for it’s beauty – but also for its taste of Gothic, and wonderful atmosphere 😉

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Bodgan Gałązka

Gothic Cafe The best city and district restaurant 2012



Chef Bogdan Gałązka in Malbork Gothic Cafe & Restaurant


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Thanksgiving Day in Gothic Cafe – in Malbork Castle

I know, I know, it still is some time to the celebration of the Thanksgiving Day …

But as the time tends to run soooooooooooo fast – I just thought to post the wonderful invitation from Gothic Cafe now… Unfortunaltely I could not post in the lovely ornamentation… But well, it is nothing comparing to the rich desscription of the forthcoming feast 🙂

And here it is below:

Dear Distinguished Guests and Friends,

Why spend Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning up, when you can savor a stress-free holiday celebration in the elegant Gothic Cafe of the Medieval Castle in Malbork

The beautiful Castle presents its 3rdThanksgiving Day feast that promises to delight your palate and make the occasion a memorable one for the entire family.

Dinner guests can enjoy a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings, plus a glass of sparkling champagne to ring in the start of the Holiday season.  Begin with an incredible jumbo shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce. Next, delight your taste buds with a seasonal butternut squash and green apple soup, and a bread station including assorted fresh breads and rolls from The Grand Master’s bakery.

Salad selections include a toasted barley, wild mushroom and asparagus salad, Autumn vegetable slaw with apple truffle vinaigrette or chipotle potato and egg salad with sun-dried cherries, sweet corn and scallions.

Next, a wide array of delectable entrees features carved roast turkey with gravy and apple sage stuffing; maple glazed country ham, or baked salmon with artichokes, leeks and figs.  The GOTHIC CAFE adds a delicious new twist to the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings with pumpkin pierogi and Gorgonzola cream sauce, smashed parsnips with turnips, bourbon glazed yams, herbed green beans with braised garlic, and cranberry lime compote.

Don’t forget to save room for some scrumptious desserts, featuring a seasonal selection of apple, pecan and pumpkin pies and assorted mini-Holiday treats.

The Gothic Thanksgiving Day will be served from noon to 5 p.m.  Make your reservations now at 783 464 828, and enjoy a stress-free beginning to the Holiday season.  

Prices are Just 280 PLN per person (including wine, beverages and table decoration)

Kids just 50 PLN per person.


Chef de cuisine

Bogdan Galazka



Different view of the Castle

Today I had another fine group at the Castle (as most of my groups are). Later I had some time to wonder around – but this time I wnet to the moats….

HERE are some pictures of today’s “walk in the moats”.


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Gothic Cafe & Restaurant in Malbork Castle

Gothic Cafe & Restaurant in Malbork Castle is the only such restaurant in whole Poland (!) having their menu also in Braille…

This shows how little it takes to prove full professionalism and thorough care for every customer. Crowned head or not – everyone is warmly welcomed here. And everyone is served as if he (or she) was part of the imperial family.

So whenever in Poland – head to Malbork – to the Gothic Cafe & Restaurant – the tastiest and warmest place in Poland…

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