Very interesting – CBC podcast

Recently I received an email from one of my former groups member. Dennis and Lenore thank you very much for your warm words! Yes – I remeber our trip! It was a trip of the season 🙂

In his email Dennis advised me about a very interesting series of radio broadcasts – called “The Sword Brothers”. The Candian Broadcast Company really preapred it thoroughly.

And although we prefer to watch rather that listen – it is worth listening to the three quite long episodes. The broadcast gives a lot of detailed information. It is fascinating to hear the history of the Sword Brothers, also with the sounds of the Malbork Castle in the background… This is why I recommend especially Episode 3.

In it you can also hear (among the others) the voice of Mr. Marek Stokowski, who is responsible for the Foreign Cooperation in the Malbork Castle Museum. By the way – he was the one, who showed us and taught (during the very difficult and demanding guide training) the quintessence of the Gothic… By doing this – he gave us the key to understanding the medieval times – meaning mentality, life, and… death.

So enjoy listening to this broadcast – and maybe this will encourage some of you to come and visit the Biggest Heap of Bricks north of Alps – Malbork Castle 🙂

First Episode

Second Episode

Third Episode


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