Europa Jagiellonica art exhibition

In November 2012 have seen an outstanding exhibition in Warsaw…

The title of the event – which is in fact a three-part exhibition is Europa Jagellonica /Art and Culture in Central Europe under the Reign of the Jagiellonian Dynasty/ 1386–1572. 

Usually everyone is focusing on medieval or renaissance Italy, France or England. Seldom it is realized how much and how strongly the whole Europe was influenced by the Jagiellon dynasty… Moreover it is worth remembering that nearly all European dynasties have at least a drop of Jagiellon blood in their history 😉

Speaking of art of those times, it was international (as art is always international). Artists came from everywhere (like e.g. Veit Stoss – Wit Stwosz) to perform within the borders of the Polish-Lithuanian Kingdom.

The results of the borderless artistic performances can be seen in Warsaw until the 27th of January 2013… So who wants to see it – better hurry 😉 Both Warsaw exhibitions can be seen in Warsaw’s Royal Castle and National Museum. Entrance fee for both events – 25,- PLN

Unfortunately the web site of the National Museum is only in Polish, but HERE is a link to some discription in English 😉

Who will not make it to Poland, can go to Germany – as the exhibition will be held in Potsdam from March 2013 till June 2013. HERE is a link to some imore information about the project.

And below are some pictures I have taken during the visit at the exhibition. They are grouped in three folders:

1. Paintings

2. Sculptures

3. Goldsmithery

Enjoy 😀


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