4 seasons – autumn

For the past 10 years I have been taking the same route to and from the night sightseeing in Malbork Castle.

Therefore the 4 seasons for years have been „dropping into” my camera lens. However every time differently.

This is what we call here – the magic of the LowLands.

Because it is a land which demands unconditional love. With its mud, wind or burning sun. With Indian summer (called here Ladies’ summer) spinning through the freshly plowed earth, shining in the autumn sun. With mists taking the world away unexpectedly and for many miles…

It is a land for connoisseurs, as somebody once said.

It is a land for the ones having time and will to notice the flock of geese overhead, or a sparrow on a tree branch… For maniacs taking several hundred photos one day – during the departure of storks…

I myself have several places, where I often stop to take pictures. Those are usually: the same row of old weeping willows, or the same row of poplars, or the same field track, and the same Vistula dike, often the same people… But every time – different. And every time differently.

And at the end – the view of The Castle, night view… Like a reward.  A valuable prize.

Unfortunately, the pictures I attached here – are not perfect. My camera lens was dirty … And I only noticed the lint – when I watched the photos on my computer.

Therefore HERE are the pictures of autumn in the LowLands with lint and … sugar beets 😉



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