Three Borders

Two years ago I was fussing about a fence on the Polish-Russian border.

This time however I was surprised with the sight of the camera watching every move.

Well, this year we went on holidays to the very far north-east of Poland.

There is a place where three borders meet: Polish, Lithuanian and Russia. Also two regions of Poland meet there – the Warmia-Mazury Region meets the Podlasie Region.

The place where one can see the three borders is situated in the very north-east corner of Poland, en route from Żytkiejmy to Wiżajny (route 651). On the left hand side there is a small parking lot, from which about 100 meteres the border can be seen…

It is a picturesque place despite the political issue of the fence only from one side L

And further on – on can go for a long walk into the Lithuanian land, admiring marvelous views and retrieving the memories of the Teutonic crusades to this land…

Worth visiting.

Unfrotunately – the best and probably the only reasonable way to get there is to take a car. Although there is a bus connection from Gdansk to Suwalki, but is is the only one in the day. Then it is impossible to take tours easily. Renting a car, or hiring the driver and a guide – is much easier, and handy  😉 The hotels here are also available not only in the towns bu t aslo in the near vicinity.



  1. Do you know anything of the history of this area where the 3 countries meet? My grandfather listed his birth place on his U.S. Naturalization papers as Golbne, Russia (1894). I am unable to find such a name in any searches. However, I do know his mother was from Swualki Kress, Gryzbina and other family members lived closer to Lake Wizajny. Thanks for any knowledge you might have on this. Cindy

    1. Cindy, I am currently on tour. But when I get home, I shall send you the info about the state archives in Suwałki. I had an opportunity to see the books there. And they really are a great source of information.

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