International Cat Day

Once upon a time God made a man…

He also made a woman….

He sat there admiring his job, wondering WHAT is missing. Because something definitely WAS missing.

“I know!!” He exclaimed finally, and made a Cat 🙂

Satisfied – He said to the Cat: “Now I made you to be the reasonable one in the family”….

*   /   *

I decided to devote this post to the Cats, as it is an International Cat Day.

I have always had dogs. And they were two boxers. One appeared in our family when I was 4 years old. Died when I was nearly 21… And the other one – appeared as a companion and helper of the older one. They both were like a gang 🙂 thiefs, drinkers, and impertinent. Yet sweet and extremely faithful.

After their death – I decided that there is no room in my heart for another dog. But as the house is so quiet without an animal (kids are not enough 😉 ) – we took a Cat :))

And since then – we are sharing our life with Cats.

Or should I say – we belong to Cats…

Here are some pics of these unique creatires – not only ours, but also those, which I meet on my way …

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