Sunday – LowLands and Mennonites

Today is the 539th anniversary of Doctor Nicolaus Copernicus’ birthday…

I celebrated it in Malbork Castle. I had a group there and it was a marvelous one. I should say – marvelous as usually. I surely am lucky with my groups. 🙂

But to get to the Castle, I had to drive through the LowLands. My beloved LowLands. It is a place on the map of Poland which I would never change for anywhere else to live. This is my favorite flat piece of land, situated in the Delta of the Vistula River, and full of a very special history. Also full of many Mennonite traces. For we have to remeber WHO created this land.

Mennonites came here, invited by the authorities of Gdańsk (Danzig) and Elbląg (Elbing) in the 16th century. After the series of floods in the half of the century, the citizens of the two said towns decided, they were not capable of coping with the results of the catastrophy. So they called the experts. And the experts were the people from the Netherlands. They were not numerous, but it is not the quantity that counts. It’s the quality that matters…

And the quality was perfect. The result can be clearly seen in the pattern of the fields, as well as the road system.

I am lucky, as I have a pleasure and honor to be the guide of many Mennonnites when they visit Poland 🙂

Well, this is all. Just to think that I wanted only to post some pictures here.


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