Summer reminiscence of Bialystok

Recently an interesting website caught my eye – it is about the Orthodox Churches of Białystok and environs.  Although it is only in Polish – it is worth visiting. The photographs are marvelous.

Instantly it brought back memories of the last summer trip to Rzeszów…

I had a great pleasure to be the tour leader  for Polonez Melbourne Song and Dance Ensemble. They were on their way to Rzeszów – heading for the  Festival of Polish Diaspora.

During out trip I did not take any pictures. As tour leader, I was in work, so I thought I should not behaved like a tourist…

And it’s a pity. A pity, as we visited the Holy Hill Grabarka  – and I have no pictures of the Hill and its crosses. Nevertheless my life dream about visiting this sacred place came true. I could write a lot about the reasons for my overwhelming desire and obligation to visit there. Enough is to say, that I finally saw it. The atmosphere of the Hill and the crosses is indescribable. I do not even know if the photographs would have given it. This is a MUST SEE, and a place for personal meditation. I’ll go back there sometime, with no rush then…

However – before we got to the Holy Hill Grabarka – we stopped at Bialystok on the way to Bialowieza, where we had quite a good accommodation in one of the local hotels.

Białowieża amazed me. It had something of the atmosphere of the beginning and of the end of the world. I rented a bicycle at the hotel, and thus toured the village and around … I am a “city girl” so I am neither forest nor country focussed. But neverthless, I have to admit with my hand on my heart – it is simply beautiful there. 🙂 And my visit to the Tsar’s Restaurant at Bialowieza  Freight Station crowned with delicious dumplings (with venison filling), made the world smile at me once again.

But going back to Białystok

It is becoming more and more delightful. The Branicki Palace, formerly often called the Versailles of Podlasie – after years of decay begins to regain luster. The famous gardens are being returned to their former glory. And it is seen that a lot of work has already been done in restoring the former wealth as well as the shape and content. Indeed this already can be admired.

The palace is now the site of the rector of the Medical University of Bialystok. So really, this palace is not a museum. But the university authorities treat tourists wishing to explore this breathtaking place with a great understanding and cordiality. This attitude is significant to the whole area. Regardless of the “landscape observation” people visiting this unique land certainly notice one thing: the warmth of people.

And… I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention FOOD 😉

The Podlasiak bar in Bialystok, near the Town Hall has delicious food. This time I did not eat my favorite dumplings (can’t remember why). After queueing for quite a while, I ordered chitterlings and some pork chop with potatoes and salad.  🙂 I must admit that everything was very tasty.

During visiting Bialystok it’s good to take the opportunity to enter the historical Town Hall. It is situated in the heart of the Kosciuszko Square.

In general, as I said before, Bialystok becomes more and more beautiful and with its clean streets and care for the aesthetics of the historic center – it simply delights. One would like to see such care in Gdansk!

In addition, the sun shone, a lot of sparrows loudly quarreled in the trees, and a young man sitting on a bench was playing the hammered dulcimer.

Such sunny memories of the Podlasie were provoked by the website of the Orthodox Churches of Bialystok …


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