Photos of My Lübeck

Here are some photos I have taken during the short three days visit to Lübeck.

It is a pity, that out of 2000 photos, only less than 1700 cpuld stay, as relatively good quality ones. I had no tripod, so especially in bad light the pictures taken – turned out to be somewhat out of focus… But – still those, which I have seem to be a fine memory of an interesting trip. 


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An echoe of a Japanese visit

Some time ago, I had a pleasure to be guiding a group of Japanese journalists form a prestigious magazine. They came to Poland to write about the country and its possibilities of development.

 The publication is called Excellent Poland Rising Polska vol. 1. And it is printed on a high quality thick paper (“art-paper”), with beautiful photographs, and thorough information.

How do I know – if I do not know Japanese? Well – I have some friends who can read Japanese, and they told me 🙂

So I awaited at the Lech Walesa Airport for a group of three persons. They finally emerged from the arrivals – without their luggage, which probably circled the world somewhere between Japan and Poland… I thought it was not the best start, but suddenly the sun came out from among the clouds, and the day turned really beautiful.

Although my guests were quite tired, they did not want to have any rest, nor meal, as their schedule was quite packed with events and meetings. Besides they wanted to see Gdansk. And – they wanted to take some pictures for their future publication. So I promised, I would show them a very good spot to take extra photos of the city’s panorama.

After all the meetings, well after sunset I took them to the promised spot, where they could admire the view across the river Motława. One of the evening photos from this place that my guests took, can be found in the publication I have in my hands.  It really is beautiful.

The time of their visit came to an end, and after exchanging business cards, and I got a promise of a copy of this publication.

So yesterday when the postman brought a large envelope stamped in Japanese I was glad that they finished editing. Inside there awaited a great and a very pleasant surprise! My guests posted a picture of me.

Thus, I had to write this post – to simply show off, as I am very honored with being pictured in such a prestigious publication.

The colors of water – Gdańsk

Since childhood, I have always been fascinated with the colors of the water in the Baltic Sea. Whenever we were sailing to Gdansk – my Dad used to wake me up early in the morning, so that I would see how the Gulf of Gdansk changes colors. From grey, or blue-grey – to green, or brown-green, the colors were changing depending on the light or the time of day.

Today I took my camera and went to the beach to take some photos of the sea.  When I came there – the water was grey-blue. And in the far distance, on the horizon, I could see the dark shadows of heavy rain or a snow storm. The water there had the color of dark graphite. It was hard to say where the sea ended and where the sky started… And suddenly the colors changed. I stood amazed – when I saw green water, and the swans in a vivid contrast with it.

Indeed, I do understand why my Dad loved the sea so much 🙂

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Amazing Gdansk

HERE is a link to my photo-blog. I posted there some photos of today’s Gdansk.

It is really a beautiful town 🙂

Winter in Gdansk

This winter is playing tricks. It is either windy or rainy. But – yesterday it really started to snow. Well, with only 68 days left till summer it high time 😉 My group had a lunch break during the sightseeing – so I sneaked out to take some winter pictures of My City. Gdańsk is a very photogenic town, so whenever I can – I take the opportunity to photograph it’s beauty. HERE are a few photos of yesterday’s snowfall.

St. Mary’s – how much can be read from the brick walls

This time there will be no comment – just THE PICTURES of one of my favorite churches in Poland – the St. Mary’s in Gdansk …

Incerdible, how much can be read from a brick wall 😉

Enjoy 😀

Gdansk – different view

I am probably one of very few in Poland who has not gone frantic about all that EURO championship 🙂

And so being completely resistant to the nation-wide revel – I had some time to go through my pics of Gdansk, as quite often I am being asked to popularize some of them.

So HERE  ARE SOME PHOTOS of my city – a walk without a rush:)

Stylish Guiding

Some time ago – inspired by the history of clothing, as well as by my long-term cooperation with the Yellow Regiment of Infantry in Gniew Castle, we decided to spice up our tours of Gdansk (of course not only here). The Baltic Opera House, as always, appeared helpful by lending us clothes… Us, means – me and my two colleagues, like me, Guides of Gdańsk.

And therefore one day on the streets of Gdansk there appeared characters in “historical” dresses. (well, I was not quite historical character, as I lacked the head dress ;)).

The reaction of people in the town was great – we only then realized how much such attractions are missing in my town.

In Malbor Castle it is obviuos and customary – that we guide dressed historically – espiecially during the Night Sightseeing, we also dress historically very often during the day tours too.

Our Gdańsk idea has only recently been noticed and caught up by other Gdansk guides. And successively I hope others will understand that this is a great way to enrich the sightseeing. This also can help to shake off the “clothing routine” of guiding (well, maybe not only the clothing routine …;)). Sometimes it might also improve the “scruffiness” of some guides’ appearance….

Bravo, keep it up !!!!!

I hope that as we started a new tradition in Gdansk – successivly other guides will follow in our footsteps. It is really worth a try! After all, it gets the tourist much closer to the era, and helps to make up the contact with the group too. Do not forget also that each of us has a child in him or her. Such outfit can detach from the gloomy reality for at least a while. 🙂

A colourful way to  break down the everyday dulness.

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Evening Gdansk – a short walk

And so I walked through my Town in the evening, admiring it again and again.…

I had beautiful moon over the Manor of St. George Brotherhood and the Long Street Gate (called the Golden Gate) in front of me, with the view on the City Hall in the distance. All this pushed into my camera lens and to my ears to, as the Town Hall carillon “chimed” at the same time

And for the thousandth time or so the Long Street Gate attracted my eyes again.

It was once an ordinary medieval brick gate, just a gate, one of few leading to the town. And then in the 17th century, there came the time of changes, great changes in Gdansk. All the construction activity in the town must have been unnerving and irritating to the citizens, as it is for us today. The Gate is associated with a certain surname of a master builder and artist at the same time – Abraham van den Block.

The figures on the gable were made by Peter Ringering in 1648. But in the 19th century were taken away. So when after the Second World War destructions of the city – the decision to bring them back was made – there were no originals. There were only the copies from 1878… Speaking of the WW II destructions – I mean – we all mean – the destruction caused in March 1945 by the victorious Red Army. The town was then systematically destroyed by them while chasing the Germans out from it. House by house, street by street it was burned down. There was such a heat, that many of the bricks melted, and altogether after the fire ceased, the Town was filled with 3 million cubic meters of rubble.

So when looking at the splendidly rebuild and in places fully reconstructed town, it is worth to remember that tragic time to. The Polish restorers indeed have done their job perfectly. No wonder that they are known in the World, and often called to work abroad.

But going back to the Golden Gate (I don’t like this name as the historical name of the Gate is: Long Street Gate, but most of the guide books use this popular one)…Looking at it now – we see the effect of the last renovation – which was not a perfect one. But nevertheless we admire it and concentrate on the load of meaning it has, not noticing the shortcomings.

So I stood there, gazing at the nicely illuminated Gate in admiration. I was trying to fit the figures in my camera lens and reflected on the depth of content of the ideological meaning of the decoration. Whole town is full of ideology, and the Gate is like a short description of how to understand it.

So here we have – (looking from the west) – figures depicting Peace with palm twig and a stick entwined with olive twigs. This means triumph and victory. Next is the allegory of Freedom – holding a hat (pileus) and a statute book. Pileus was a sign of freedom, as it was placed upon a shaved head of the newly freed slave in ancient Roman times. Next we have an allegory of Abundance – and it does not need any explanation – the Horn of Plenty is all too visible. And the fourth figure on the western gable of the Gate is Fame (Pheme). Here it holds the horn of Fame and the sun (symbol of eternal eminence) and tramples down Envy (Invidia).

From the east – the figures depict: Prudence with a telescope and a clock. This means – far-sightedness and the abstemious regular rhythm of life.  So it might be rather Temperance. Next to it looping to the sky – is Religiousness holding the Holy Bible. Next is Justice with scales and a measuring rod in one hand and an olive branch and a sword in other hand. This measuring rod appears also on the plafond in the Summer Hall (Red Room) of the Town Hall. And it means (from the Gospel of St. Luke 6:38) “For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”. Closest to the Manor of St. George Brotherhood is Concord (Harmony). She holds a bundle of tightly linked arrows and in the other hand – she has one broken arrow. It is a depiction of the story of Skiluros, the Scythian king of Crimea. When on his death bed – he called his 80 sins, and told each of them to break a bunch of spears. None of them could. Then he gave each of them one spear, and then they easily broke each one.  This means “strength in unity”. Or rather – according to the inscription on the Gate, the maxim which says that “the small states grow in consent, the big ones collapse in disagreement (discord).”

And yet it is not the end of “reading” the Golden Gate (Long Street Gate). It is best to stand in front of it, either from the west, or from the side of the Długa (Long) Street and listen to what it tries to say about the ambitions of citizens. And about the then position of the City.

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Visiting Mr. Walesa

Finally, I attach a photo of me with President Walesa.

For years I have been interpreting him at various meetings, and suddenly I have a total of probably about two, maybe three pictures with him.

And yet he is a very significant person, and well known world-wide. Well in a sense he is a symbol of Poland, together with the Pope, and … Chopin.

So here I brag about having a pic done…

Earlier this month I had a great pleasure of accompanying a group of journalists from Montenegro. They had their own interpreter with them. So my role was only to guide them around. We did not have not much time, but neverthless we did see most of what I planned to show them in Gdańsk 🙂

And I also accompanied them to Mr. Walesa’s office. After their meeting with Mr. President, we had a group photo taken 🙂

And here it is :

In this picture - circling Mr. Walesa there were Adnan Prekić, Ivo Lacmanović, Maša Mališić, Razić Ranko, Katarzyna Zielińska, and me 🙂