Malbork Castle (an absolute MUST when in Poland)

Malbork Castle was built between the 13th and 15th centuries as a main site of the Teutonic Order. They established a monastic state – the only such entity in medieval Europe. With the capital in Malbork (Marienburg), it comprised of approximately 67 thousand square kilometres (I think it is ca. 25869 sq. miles). The power of the Black Crosses ruled until the Battle of Grunwald (known in the history as the First Battle of Tannenberg) which took place 15th July 1410.

I shall not write all the history of the Prussian Crusades here – as it is best to hear it in an entertaining manner while sightseeing with me.

Generally – the history of the castle very well illustrates the rise and fall of the Teutonic power. Today – it is one of Poland’s UNESCO sites. An absolute MUST when in Poland.

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