Steve Rudd asked me about my tours, where could he find some hints about where I guide…

And I had a problem – what to point. Because besides my short essays (or whatever I might call those scirbblings here) I have no place to direct to my tours. I tailor them – this is true. Everytime I do a tour precisely constructed to the needs of a group. However I also have some tours ready. I have been performing them for years, modifying them en route, but the general stem remains unchanged.

So here they are…

1. Elblag – east of Gdansk

2. Elbląg Canal – sailing and riding the boat…

3. Frombork – at the world’s end

4. Gdansk – a good apetizer

5. Gdansk – neither rash nor timid

6. German Concentration Camp – Stutthof

7. Malbork Castle (an absolute MUST when in Poland)

8. Malbork Castle night tour

9. Torun – come and touch the gothic

10. There are also tours in former East Prussia – i.e. in Poland’s northeast region. But those demand a bit of work to describe them 😉


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