The stadium

Well, so it DID  happen: I had to go to the new football (soccer) stadium in Gdansk, the PGE Arena …

Probably I was the only one in town that did not undergo this general hysteria of admiration for this “miracle of technology and engineering”.

A stadium is a stadium.

The most important is who is “doing” the atmosphere… And this here is bad. Bad – very bad in every respect. Not to say embarrassing. Even the football team is embarrasingly weak…

Well, nevertheless the stadium is nice. The beauty of it can not be denied.

Here – is some statisitcs:

Capacity: 42 thousand.
Stadium dimensions: 236 x 203 x 45
Land area: approximately 25.5 acres
Roof area: 44 000 m2
The amount of the roof beams: 82
Area: 36 000 m2
Commercial Area: 17 000 m2
Retail space: 9 000 m2
Area business area: 3500 m2
VIP boxes: 40 (8 x 60 m2 and 32 x 30 m2)
Place of business: 1383
Pitch dimensions: 105 x 68 m
Fan Pub: 970 m2
Catering Kiosks: 24
The number of ticket positions: 113
The skating track: 1715 m
Parking:  cars – 2,171, coaches – 74

This is from the website

Unfortunately only in Polish 😉

I am enclosing photos and therefore closing the topic.

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