In life and work there are two most important things: Happiness and Friends.

I am a lucky person – as I have both. I am happy with my Family, Job, and Life in general, and I have a wonderful set of Friends….

Here in the picture taken in the Malbork Castle – I have a pleasure to be standing with my Friends…

Those on the sides are Jagoda S. and Mariusz S. – the ones responsible for all the events in the Castle. It is their merit that all the events organized in the Castle end up as success. They are in charge of all the night sightseeings, the conferences, the big and small events, geovernmental meetings, royal visits, etc…

In the middle, with the Cook’s Cap, all dressed in white is Chef Bogdan Gałązka – owner of Gothic Cafe and Restaurant. He cooked for the Greatest of this world, and I can say modestly, that he cooks for me too 🙂

All three of them make my work in the Castle a never ending pleasure 🙂

fot. Kama Trojak

Years ago – Fate made me look on the Castle’s web site, when they were organizing the training fot the new guides. I passed the exam – with the best notes for guiding… And I became rich with not only the marvelous experience. My Biggest Heap of Bricks also gave me Friends 🙂

Therefore – when in Poland – Malbork is an absolute MUST 🙂 Not only for it’s beauty – but also for its taste of Gothic, and wonderful atmosphere 😉


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