Płock – a former capital city of Masovia

I have never been to Płock. And that was the reason why our truancy plans took us there…

As Gniezno always makes a colossal impression on me, I was curious whether the historical capital of Masovia would also make such an impression.

For now, I can only talk about the Diocesan Museum. Because, we hardly made it to this small, yet interesting place. Then we rushed to see the cathedral.

The Płock Diocesan Museum is open at strange (not to say bizarre) hours. Well – on Sundays and Mondays – it is closed, and from Tuesday to Friday it can be visited from 10:30 to 14:00, and on Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. However crazy it sounds, these inconveniences are compensated by very nice employees. They literally made sure we had time to see everything – briefly, but still see.

So – Płock simply has to be visited with an overnight stay. And so we are going to do so. Because the city is not only the Tumskie Hill. The city has an excellent examples of Art Nouveau… And many others.

Anyway, when we come back, I will definitely visit the Diocesan Museum again, because it has very interesting collections of religious art. I couldn’t decide what to look at first, the reliquary St. Barbara (fortunately I photographed this beauty during the last exhibition in The Castle, or the reliquary of St. Sigismund … Or maybe admire the Gdańsk made utensils … Or maybe stop by the wonderful pieta from Drobin. Or should I have spent the rest of the time studying the amazing Plock Bible… It ended with a rally around both buildings – in the style of (not offending anyone) Japanese tours.

After the museum rally, we rushed into the cathedral. I absolutely wanted to see the resting place of Władysław Herman. The monument is very disappointing both in form and idea. It is literally a black stone block, polished irrationally. So it is simply an very ugly monument… Someone who designed it and then the one who approved the design had neither taste not historical knowledge.

The polychrome in the cathedral is interesting, as well as its history. In the rush to see most in a short time, we didn’t even notice the Płock Doors. Well … Maybe next time we will not forget about them. I know that it is just a copy, and comparing to the famous Gniezno Doors, they do not bear that load of emotion, but still – I feel guilty of completely forgetting about them.

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