Off the Beaten Tracks

As this year (2020), because of the worldwide pan-hysteria I have more time for private travelling. The overseas groups have been postponed until next year. And only the Poleas are travelling within the country.

The quality of the tourists nowadays is so much different from the previous times… They now know what they want to see. They are prepared to ask questions, they want museum tours (love this!). They want detailed description. And most of all they want the off-the-beaten-track tours.

So, let me show you some of the places, that should be on the list, if ever you come to Poland.

First – a pretty place in the middle of nowhere – the Lavender Fields.

Those of my Dear Readers who had travelled with me, know the place already. We have had a splendid time there with lavender workshops, and leisure.

As I wrote above – this year offers much more time, than normally. So I visited the Lavender Fields with my Husband. We had lavender coffee, ate lavender cookies, drank lavender lemonade, sat in the middle of the lavender field. And got a wonderful smelling lavender bread.

The Lavender Fields is a place where one can a place where you can listen to and feel nature, you may relax sitting on a bench among the blooming flowers, or lay in the grass, gazing at the sky. It is the place where your mind will slow down, as the time does slow down here too.

On our way back to the reality we visited the nearby village. I never had time to stop there. And always wanted. The reason for this is the medieval church of St. John Evangelist. Built of brick and stone, with the wooden tower facing west, the church majestically occupies the center of the village since the 14th century.

Hera are some pictures of the interior of the church. For me – the most charming is the mural with St. George and the Dragon. A Friend of mine named the Dragon – Frank. 🙂 And I think the name fits.

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