Elbing -Elbląg again…

This year is a very special year for Elbląg (North East Poland). The city is celebrating its 777th anniversary. It owes its existence and prosperity to the Teutonic Order, which in the 12th century was invited by one of the Polish Dukes to help against the Baltic Prussian Tribes (Prussians). As it sometimes happens (simplifying the history), the invited knights-monks decided to stay in “the land beyond”, rather than return to uncertain western world. Thus they created their own piece of state. And it was quite a piece -as it is estimated, that the area of the Teutonic State had c.a. 58thousand sq. kilometers. Some historians say that even more. The history was never very gentle with the Hanseatic Town of Elbląg… The last tragic episode – having an impact on today’s shape of the town, was in 1945, and right after the seizure by the Red Army. Post war times were equally dramatic – as most of the brick “went” to rebuild Warsaw and Gdansk… Today slowly the town is being rebuilt. In a different shape, yet with a slight reference to once splendid architecture.

So as not to bore anyone with a long text and to many details – HERE is a link to an article about Elbląg, as well as HERE.  Also HERE is a very interesting website – about Mennonites in Elbing. It is worth mentionning here, that the second Mennonite church, built in 1900 (altough some give 1890 as the date of construction) is now serving the Polish National Catholic Church. Since there is a new priest in the church, it is open for visits at last.  🙂

HERE are some photographs I have taken recently.


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