Warsaw’s new Gothic Art exhibition

Yesterday I went to Warsaw. Nothing special, as I travel there very often. Having a good bus connection – it takes only about 5 hrs to get there. I had a good reason to go – even though I had to wake up at 4:00 am to catch the bus at 6:30. That reason was a new arrangement of a Gothic art exhibition in their National Gallery (Museum).

So I went – and what I saw – took my breath away. I was not alone there – as there were about a dozen of us – guides – who came for the training from nearly all around Poland. It was not a strictly understood training. It was rather an exquisit lecture exclusively for us. The same lady lectured to us, as did during the splendid Europa Jagellonica exhibition in 2012. So we knew, that the quality of the training would be just exactly matching the quality of the exhibition, as well as our expectations.

Sadly we noticed many of the pieces, originally belonging to Wrocław or Gdansk, which were appropriated right after WWII. This is a big problem still discussed in Poland widely, and probably will never be solved. However, I thought that with the quality degradation of the National Gallery in Gdansk – it is far better to have those splendid art pieces being exhibited in Warsaw.

So, not to fall into a sad mood – HERE are some pics which I took during the visit.

I will definitely return there – as soon as possible – for more wonderful sensation.



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