An echoe of a Japanese visit

Some time ago, I had a pleasure to be guiding a group of Japanese journalists form a prestigious magazine. They came to Poland to write about the country and its possibilities of development.

 The publication is called Excellent Poland Rising Polska vol. 1. And it is printed on a high quality thick paper (“art-paper”), with beautiful photographs, and thorough information.

How do I know – if I do not know Japanese? Well – I have some friends who can read Japanese, and they told me 🙂

So I awaited at the Lech Walesa Airport for a group of three persons. They finally emerged from the arrivals – without their luggage, which probably circled the world somewhere between Japan and Poland… I thought it was not the best start, but suddenly the sun came out from among the clouds, and the day turned really beautiful.

Although my guests were quite tired, they did not want to have any rest, nor meal, as their schedule was quite packed with events and meetings. Besides they wanted to see Gdansk. And – they wanted to take some pictures for their future publication. So I promised, I would show them a very good spot to take extra photos of the city’s panorama.

After all the meetings, well after sunset I took them to the promised spot, where they could admire the view across the river Motława. One of the evening photos from this place that my guests took, can be found in the publication I have in my hands.  It really is beautiful.

The time of their visit came to an end, and after exchanging business cards, and I got a promise of a copy of this publication.

So yesterday when the postman brought a large envelope stamped in Japanese I was glad that they finished editing. Inside there awaited a great and a very pleasant surprise! My guests posted a picture of me.

Thus, I had to write this post – to simply show off, as I am very honored with being pictured in such a prestigious publication.

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