St. Mary’s – how much can be read from the brick walls

This time there will be no comment – just THE PICTURES of one of my favorite churches in Poland – the St. Mary’s in Gdansk …

Incerdible, how much can be read from a brick wall 😉

Enjoy 😀


  1. Hi Katarzyna,
    I’m truly fascinated with your fascination in historical ‘Polish Brickwork’. In your next post you may find the time to convey to your reader exactly what ‘message’ each photo you posted on the brickwork in the Gdansk cathedral should be conveying to us?
    Congratulations on your website! You continue to educate me about my original Polish heritage.
    As a matter of interest, a person who studies bricks is called a ‘Brickologist’?

    1. Hi Janek 🙂
      Brickologist :))) I really like this 🙂
      Thank you for dropping in, and For leaving such a warm message. I am sorry I didn’t sign the pics… I shall sign them. I will 🙂
      your name is Polish, so if you read Polusg, you are most welcome to visit my Polish Blog, where you will find some more about the St. Mary’s 🙂


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