A painting – Mystery solved

Hm … Actually, I should be happy. P. Has just solved the mystery. And he did it simply, nearly instantly – I could say.

And all because I noticed in my Polish blog statistics a significant traffic around the Mysteries (The Painting). And the entries were from arboad, so I decided to help my Dear foreign Readers and I translated the article. I’ve enclosed a picture of the said mystery, once again looked through Duncker’s paintings, I “hung” the article on a blog, and attached a link on FB and then – I went off to sleep.

In the morning, before starting my tour, I looked at FB, and got a shock. There were several comments that P. posted under my link to the article:

… I do not know … if you’d be delighted or not, but from my point of view the image shows a place in Prussia, but in the so-called South Prussia – namely Kalisz. The river is Prosna, and the church – the collegiate church. There are other details that confirm this observation. I’m curious of your opinion.

How could I have any opinion if I have NEVER been to Kalisz! I even had to check on the map to properly locate the town! I was so focused – we all were – on East Prussia that no other place in the entire world came to our minds.

 … In the center of the image there is slightly hazy high building. This, in my humble opinion, is the St. Nicolas church. Without a tower, so the picture is from the period between 1706, when it was burned, and the year 1877, when the rebuilding started. I tend to be dating the painting at the turn of the century XVIII / XIX, rather already in the Napoleonic era …

Well, now I think I should go to Kalisz. To see the town had haunted me for such a long time.

In this image … this palace is pretty well shown :-))))

And it is … it actually is. When I realized that I felt even more shocked.  It was seeking a solution far away – having it almost in front of own nose 😉

And why I wrote that actually I should be happy?

It is because the case of the proverbial “Sobieski’s Horse”* is resolved, and what is going to bother my head now?

Here, for the last time – a picture of Lady M.’s mystery.


 And by the way, P. has always had accurate observations (not to mention his retorts) 😀

* I shall write about the Sobieski’s Horse  some other time 😉

Good night 😉


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