An absolute MUST taste while in Malbork :)

Chef Bogdan Galazka of Gothic Cafe & Restaurant has just changed the outlay of his menu… As well as the Menu itself. Just can’t wait to go there to eat all those low-callory cakes ;), and ice cream, and most of all those meats done in a special way!!!

Below is the example of the new outlay of menu, with the content – completely new and changed…  So – do not hesitate – buy your flight ticket as soon as possible… Fly to Gdansk – and come to Malbork 🙂

Here is an excerpt from Chef’s invitation:

I am gladly presenting a foretaste of the new menu card. Artist Agnes Albrecht artist took care of graphic design. We’ll take you into the wonderland of tastes and aromas of the Grand Masters’ kitchen at the Castle of Malbork.


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