Frombork – at the world’s end

Frombork is a little town inhabited by merely 2, thousand people…

This is the town where the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus lived, worked on his De Revolutionibus and finally died in 1543.

After his grave was found in 2005, this little town “at the world’s end” (quoting Copernicus) became popular among tourists.

Frombork is located on the Vistula Bay. Good transportation connection, and splendid location make it a good and interesting place to visit.

For more about this absolutely MAGIC place on Earth see HERE.

I have become bewildered by this place long ago, when I was preparing to some guiding exams. My love for the place has not changed since…

There are many details in the Frombork Kathedral  – which makes it unique on the art and architectural map of Europe. I would love to explainin this to you – as nowhere else in Europe you may find SUCH ideology. Medieval ideology….

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