Elbląg Canal – sailing and riding the boat…

Elbląg Canal…

There is no other such place in the world.

Nowhere else – one can both sail and ride a boat.

The system of inclined planes and locks – built in the 19th century by Gearg Jacob Steenke, allows us to perform a trip which gives unforgettable memories. The total height of the 5 inclined planes is nearly 100 meters.

We are still awaiting the Canal to be listed by UNESCO as a memorial to world culture inheritances.

In the past it was called Oberland Canal, as it flows through the remarkable part of today’s Poland. It has an exceptionally rich history. It was not far from here that the Goths: the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths established a dwelling centre… It is still hard to believe that from here they wandered off to siege the power of Rome.

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