At leisure…

How I long for Frombork!

The picture above shows a view of the town from the Cathedral Hill (from JS’ room). In the distance – the Vistula Lagoon – and far (very far! some 80 kilometers) to the right – there is Russia.

For several years – every now and then – whenever we feel we need a break in our work – we have been packing our belongings and going to his little town on the Vistula Lagoon.

We: means – me and my 4 friends. All of us are guides – so we have the same interests, and are equally crazy about bricks, Tutivillus, and splendid history of this land.

This land was historically first inhabited by the Balts; later it was conquered by the Teutonic Knights; then in the 15th century, after the victory of the Polish-Lithuanian troops – it became part of the Royal Prussia. The part of it was Holy Warmia Region. And yet another part was Ducal Prussia – owned as a fief – by Albrecht von Hohenzollern. All this was turned later into East Prussia. As a descendant of East Prussians – I simply had to become a guide here…

*     /     *

“I live now at the world’s end” – This is what Nicolaus Copernicus wrote, when he settled in Frauenburg (now Frombork).

Frombork’s Cathedral Hill

As we always travel in the same group – so it was this time too. We packed what we needed and went on Saturday morning. In fact we packed so many supplies, that we could have stayed there for a week or so…

On the way from Gdansk to Frombork – we stopped (as we always do) in Kadyny. It is a little village connected to the history of Wilhelm II – the emperor of Germany. It belonged to the emperor’s family till the end of the Second World War. I will have to write something about this beautiful place – as it is worth a mention…

In the village we always visit the hotel in Kadyny to have fine coffee and a fantastic in taste and huge in appearance chocolate cake. I always say it has no calories, as it is cut from the 4 sides, so the calories evaporated… (the words of Chef Bogdan Galazka from Gothic Restaurant in Malbork)

Unfortunately the palace itself is abandoned and still is under some renovation. It reminds me, that I have always heard it was being renovated.

Here – the stables where the hotel was organized, and below is the palace….

*     /     *

Well – finally we always reach Frombork… Sooner or later (rather later 😉 )


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