The Visit

I’ll start with a cliché…
In the life of a tour guide, there are many different groups…

During over 8 years of my guiding experience, I have guided many different persons and Persons. Since I do not have the habit of asking, whom I am guiding, I often learn who was my guest (or who were my guests) either from the press or from the Internet. I do realize whom I am guiding when I see the bodyguards around, or when I am asked for my ID card, or when the White House calls, or the President’s Offices, etc. or when I am asked to keep a tip-top secret…

Among all, there are guests who definitely do not need to be presented, nor asked of their identity…

And I had such a Guest not long ago at the Castle …

The Guest was His Royal Highness The Prince Consort of Denmark. He came to visit Malbork Castle. And I was appointed His Royal Highness’ guide to the history of the place. HRH was accompanied by Mr. Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark in Poland, the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Denmark, and the group of Nobles. As if the stress was not enough – the Director of the Castle Museum was present with his watchful eyes and ears.

It was a great honor, and a true pleasure to be the guide of such a Guest. I was glad I could answer many interesting questions. And truly, if not for the announcement, I would have never known that the smiling and king gentleman touring the castle with me – was His Royal Highness.

Between us guides, we have the classification of our guests. Either we call them “stones” or “butterflies”. His Royal Highness and accompanying persons were definitely Butterflies.

Mr. Consul, thank you for the photographs.


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