IMPORTANT as nothing ever before

Attention Dear All Readers of my blog. Attention my Dear Travelers, who had traveled through Poland with me.

I have never asked for any help. It seems – things have changed.

The famous Church of Peace in Świdnica, Poland, needs financial support.

Europe’s biggest wooden baroque church is located in southwest Poland. It has a fascinating history, which you can read about HERE. In short words – it was built in the 17th century after the 30 Years’ War, only to survive few years. We already have the 21st century and the church is still pleasing our eyes. I could say – both eyes, AND ears, as Johann Sebastian Bach organ festivals are held there annually.

In the year 2001 this remarkable piece of art and architecture was added to the list of UNESCO sites in Poland.

For the past few years, this historical monument of architecture has been undergoing a huge restoration program, being financed in majority by the European Union funds. However 15% of the whole sum has to be brought by the beneficiary.

This year the Church of Peace is in the midst of a next restoration program which has started 2 years ago.

And this is where we ask for help.

This March, despite her earlier promises, the Mayor of Świdnica withdrew the subsidy for the restoration works. Here is no place nor time to write about the political or personal reason for that.

Enough is to say, that such decision means a disaster to the restoration program. The work interruption or termination is impossible, according to the contracts.

Because of the epidemic, this year is difficult for everyone, which includes also places of art and culture. Due to the complete lock-down in Poland, the Church of Peace has no visitors, therefore absolutely no income. Additionally, the withdrawal of the municipal subsidies puts the entire restoration program in doubt.

This was the reason why I decided to start a fund rising action.

Together with my colleague (who is a lawyer, but also a guide) – we started collecting fund at ZRZUTKA.PL. This website is in Polish … 

You can make a donation to the bank account of the Evangelical-Augsburg Parish of the Holy Trinity in Świdnica:

PKO BP/Oddział w Świdnicy

IBAN: PL48 1020 5138 0000 9902 0240 2733


Every amount counts. And the clock unfortunately ruthlessly measures the time until the end of the collection. 29 days left.

Thank you for ANY contribution.


    1. Dear Hardy – thank you for your reaction. There is a bank account of the Church of Peace the bank account of the Evangelical-Augsburg Parish of the Holy Trinity in Świdnica:
      IBAN: PL48 1020 5138 0000 9902 0240 2733

      All donations can be made there. Sign it as the contribution to restoration.
      Thank you from the depth of my heart.
      warmest greetings to you and Elfrieda

      1. Katarzyna, we need to know the name of the bank in Świdnica. We can send an e-transfer to the bank for the account of the Church of Peace OR we can also send the e-transfer to you, using your email account !!

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