Astronomical Clock in Gdańsk

Next year – on April 30th we will be celebrating the 550th birthday of our Astonomical Clock in Gdansk’s St. Mary’s Church.

A conference about the Great Astronomical Clocks is planned here on that day. What a wonderful way to celebrate Birthday 🙂

HERE are some photos of the Clock I took way back in 2009, when it still worked.

It is not working anymore, it is broken, and is now silent, and dead. What a pity! To see a similar one (as far as the idea is concerned) in action one has to go to Prague. This isn’t fair, as we have such a splendid example here. However – something has moved recently. There is hope now – as on the 30th of April 2014 a conference is due to be held here. And during it – some plans for the renovation and mending are going to be revealed. Hopefully – in few years’ time we will again be pleasing our eyes with this fine example of medieval engineering 🙂




  1. Thanks so much Kasia for continuing to blog about your beloved Poland! When Lynette & I finished our tour with Tour Magination in the fall of 2011, we went on to the Czech Republic where we spent a wonderful week in Prague!! It was always a highlight to be near the Astronomical clock at the top of the hour in particular, to stop, to watch and listen.

    Best wishes to you and your loved ones for health and happiness in the coming year!!

    All the best! Joanna Buhr

  2. Well done Katarzyna! As always something new and of value to view on your website. Thanks again for your dedication to Polish History, Geography and traditions. We look forward to even more into the New Year. Happy New Year & Sto Lat … Sto Lat et al.

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