Krosno / Crossen near Orneta (Wormditt)

There is no need for words in this place…

Or maybe there is – for just few. To say:

* That it was here – that I came to like Baroque, which I used to dislike very sincerely 😉

* That it was here – that I came to like the atmosphere of the end of the world, or perhaps the beginning…

* That it was here the first time I heard myself loud and clearly. Being silent.

* That here I discovered the lack of common sense in the officials’ decisions concerning preservation of historical monuments of architecture.

* That here clearly occurred to me a typically Polish waste and complete lack of understanding for “care for the historical monuments” …

And in the end – it was here that I understood the phrase “Holy Warmia”

This little settlement in the middle of nowhere has nothing to offer except an outstanding example of baroque architecture. This church is one of absolute MUST SEEs when in Poland. See yourself how beautiful KROSNO is.


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