The beauty of May on the Lakes and the Canal :)

I sailed today 🙂

The Oberland Canal (the inclined planes) is undergoing some very needed maintenance works, so the sail was a real sail… No riding the boat today 😉

But – Oh My!!

What views there were!

For me it was not new – as far as the route is concerned. I sailed it once in my lifetime – the whole Canal route – with my Dad.

Years ago…

For five days.

And they were wonderful five days.

So today I took the photos even more eagerly – trying to hear the distant long faded voice of my Dad saying: “row, girl row, I want to feel the wind in my hair” (especially that he did not have too much hair to feel the wind in 😉 )

Today the day was perfect – sun, and a delicate wind, birds waking up after a long and gloomy winter. The water in places was still, like a mirror 😉

HERE are some photos I took on the way from Małdyty to Miłomłyn.

I may say – I launched my internal batteries 😉


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