Notes on Christmas…

As it still is Christmas time – it is worth reading some information about this season.

It is a special time of year not only for Christians (here is a very interesting article on Christmas in the Qur’än). This is the time of slowing down, with family meetings and celebrations, promises of the better life, and generally rejoicing.

For children it is the time when the dreams sometimes come true, as under the Christmas tree there is space enough for all the presents, that the mythical Santa Claus is supposed to bring through the chimney…

This is more or less what people usually know about this season, or associate it with now.

But how was it before, in the Middle Ages for example; what is the origin of the fat old man with the white beard squeezing through the chimney, to place the gifts under the Christmas tree?

Here is a link to a very interesting page, where you can find some information about the celebration of Christmas in the Middle Ages.

It is also worth reading about the origin of the Christmas tree

It is popular today to have a tree at home on this occasion, and it usually is pine, or spruce (about the origin of the name Spruce tree you can find here)

There is also some information about the Polish way of celebrating of Christmas, here and here.

As a daughter of Master Mariner, I have very special memories of Christmas on board of the ships my Dad was in command of. Although there was no snow, the atmosphere was really magic. The Christmas tree was always very decorated, and my dad always made sure everyone got a little gift on the 24th December. As this is day (evening) when gifts appear under the tree.

I also remember Christmas in Nigeria, where we settled for quite “a while” … All thanks to Father O’ Hennerthy, who had a gift of uniting people in his church. People of all faiths, religions, and points of view. He even had the skill to cause the animals (always present at the Midnight Mass) to sit in peace 😉

Christmas in Poland is different. It is very Catholic, yet very frantic with shopping before the celebration. But in small villages there still is the true spirit of Christ’s birth day.

So… Enjoy the last evening of this year’s Christmas.

And if ever you would plan to come to Poland in winter – maybe Christmas would be the good time to do so.

Cracow (Kraków) in the south of Poland is the best place to spend Christmas in Poland. Here is a very interesting link to CNN Travel about Krakow in Christmas time.


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