Why Torun ?

Facebook sometimes provokes to deeper thoughts 😀 – yes, it sometimes does…

So – when I saw a post asking everyone from Torun to say why they like their town – I thought I should write too.

No, I am not from this marvelous town, where one can touch gothic (BRICKS)…

HERE is a link to some of the photos I have been taking for years there – with the same delight…

My family ties with the town are too far in the history to be mentioned here. But I am deeply attached to this social and architectural phenomenon. When several years ago I decided to approach the state exams to become a guide there – it was because of my fascination with the town. With it’s history ? yes, to some extend. But most of all – I am enchanted with it’s charm and beauty. Despite the fact that they still have a lot of restoration works to be done 😉

So… If you ask me why I like Torun, I’d say:

  • For the atmosphere of the Old and New Town,
  • For the dumplings (pierogi),
  • For the un-changeability of St. James and the Johns’ churches,
  • For the dim silence in St. Mary’s,
  • For the echo of the town hall’s courtyard,
  • For the treasure of Skrwilno,
  • For the extra slippery staircase in the Museum
  • For the great wardrobe in the house of Copernicus,
  • For the smell of gingerbread,
  • For Brand (gmerk) Avenue,
  • For the brick (more than one) –
  • For everything…

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  1. For me that visit to Torun in 2010 was special for many reasons. Those that you have mentioned and also the atmosphere of the ‘market place’, the streets and the history in those fortifications come ‘walls’. I still remember the ‘bugler’ from atop of the cathedral and that other architectural wonder the ‘leaning wall’. Torun is a ‘must see’ for any would be tourist with a taste for Polish cuisine as well.

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