Toruń – misty

The route to Torun was worse than a nightmare.

The fog was like milk and the evening came so suddenly… So unexpected, like every autumn evening. I drove literally “the squirrel” style – that is, I was almost nose to the windshield.

But when we finally reached Torun – it greeted us immersed in the fog – and as always breathtaking. Truism, but I just can think of no other word…

I installed the group in the hotel, and I went to park my car under the bridge – traditionally, because nowhere else is so near 😉

Then he went to my hotel, because this time I slept in other than my group did. After some time – I realized that – I forgot the charger to the cell in the car. So I marched through the “milk”, illuminated by the “echo” of the limelight … and THIS IS what I caught in the lens of my cell phone camera 🙂



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