Mennonite Saga

Recently I had a next wonderful opportunity to participate in the Mennonite Trail in Poland.

We met at Warsaw airport. Once I saw them all standing together with Audrey V-P, awaiting me to approach –  I knew it was going to be a wonderful – a next wonderful – trip. We toured through a nice weather, and some wonderful places. Nearly like last time – but always different. Because always there are different people paritcipating. With their stories, and emotions, expectations and little joys if they happen to find what they are looking for. So it happened last year – when we found a farm in the Ellerwald, and this time, when we found the barn in Neuteicherhinterfeld (Kącik). Even more was found – when we visited the Museum in Tiegenhof (Nowy Dwór Gdański):

A copy of the entire Bible in Plautdietsch published in 2003 by Kindred Press and the Canadian Bible Society. It was the Bible that was copy edited by Hardy during his final year with CBS. Who would have ever dreamt that the little seven-year-old boy running down the road in the 1940′s would one day become a Bible translator and discover his own work displayed in a museum in the country of his birth!!!

The above comes from the interesting Tour Leader’s Blog, that Audrey was complementing every day. Reading it – you will find what happened as we travelled through Poland. I think it is enough to say, that I happily got involved in the “historic discoveries of the past”, organized by the young parish priest from one of the former Menonnite settlements. The church – once Mennonite – now serves the Catholics, thus closing the circle of history.

Every time I come back from such tours – I am richer in experience, and in wonderful stories. Stories of People, who once upon the time were called the Strangers in this Land, but soon became this Land’s Creators.

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