Miłomłyn (Liebemühl)

I still am organizing photos from our last year’s escapade to former East Prussia. 😉

And I still find pictures of places full of  warm memories.

So now – it is time for Miłomłyn (in German: Liebemühl, in Prussian: Mīlimalūns…)

Remembered from the days of a canoe trip with my Dad, when I understood how it feels to be he crew. 😉

I also remember the boat trip in constatnt rain with a group of British holidaymakers, when everyone had lost hope for any appearance of the sun, and when a phrase “liquid sunshine” was often in use …

This time, however Miłomłyn appeared in the silence of an autumn afternoon sun. Seen differently therefore. But still evoked the memory of a giant spider in the kayak, looking at me murderously; the bread with a crispy crust, which I brought straight from the bakery, some hideous orangeade drank straight from the bottle, and a soup from the bar – a real home made soup with pieces of meat.

And besides – it’s the memory of a great week in a kayak with my Father, so Miłomłyn will always be one of my warm memories. 🙂


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