Organ recital in Oliwa Cathedral…

Oliwa Cathedral is another MUST see and MUST hear in Gdansk.

It is another exceptional place in this marveouls city. Why is it a MUST SEE? Because it is the world’s longest post-cistercian church. 

This very interesting architectural structure was built between the 12th and 16th century.  And its history began in the 12th century, when one of the local dukes gave a piece of land to the Cistercian monks. And since then they began to create the place. The busy monks built a monastery, and a church adjoining. As the land gave significant income, the monastic property grew also. HERE is a brief history of the today’s Cathedral. And below are some pictures of this remarkable place.

Every year in summer months an International Organ Music Festival is held here, for the beauty of the sound and splendid acoustics.

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