Easter Greetings

Since I don’t like writing wishes of any kind, as I never have an idea for anything original… I take the opportunity to use the benefits of the Internet, and therefore I am addressing this post to all my Dear Readers …

(present and future, and those who dropped in here by accident or mistake)

I wish you all…:

Happy Easter

And may spring be in your hearts for the rest of the year…

Have a nice celebration of laziness with:

  • doing nothing,
  • absorbing the family atmosphere,
  • reading your favorite book or a newspaper,
  • watching a favorite movie,
  • having a snack, or a sip,
  • keeping the legs on the table, or on the stool,
  • walking with no makeup and your hair in disorder 😉
  • without a tie,
  • maybe in your pajamas, or nightgown …

In other words – have a good time with few days off from the everyday haste


I found a suitable picture in the web – which I am pasting here 🙂




  1. Goodness, it’s already Easter in Poland!
    Our daughter is hosting this year’s dinner about 60 miles north of here. She has a large piece of land in the wine country. There will be two Easter Egg hunts: one for the children and then one for the adults. The plastic eggs for the children will contain chocolate and jelly beans. The eggs for the adults will contain vouchers for bottles of wine and beer!
    Happy Easter to you and your family from the Kracha’s

  2. Dear Kasia,
    Thanks again for the clever and thoughtful greeting!
    I just had a letter from someone in Canada who needs a Polish guide, so I am sending your name and address to her. I hope this works out for you. It would be great to have coffee with you again!
    All the best,
    Peter Klassen

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