My bricks

I collect bricks.

I have been collecting them for the past 10 years or so. And it all started by accident. I went ot the course to become a guide in Malbork Castle. There, among other wonderful lecturers, there was one – who is particulrary interested in bricks, and knows all about this building material. We even joked, that if anybody wanted to be recognized by him, should have a brick on the forehead 🙂

And after his lectures – I also got infected 😉

I started to notice bricks, and then I started to … collect them. Sometimes – I can’t have a certain brick – so I take a photo of it., and add to my collection.

A brick is just a brick – so they say.

Definitely NOT !

Each brick carries individual stroies, and features. Each tells us a diferent tale…

How many bricks could one statistic brickmaker make in the medieval times; how was clay prepared to become A BRICK… what happened with the ruined buildings in the middle ages; how were bricks transported; what was added to mortar to make it like concrete…

I know now all the answers to those questions because as soon as I learned how to “listen” to bricks, I understood the medieval times 🙂

Here are some of bricls from my  collection.

Enjoy 😉

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