Gothic Restaurant & Cafe – Poetry of Taste in Malbork

For years I have been guiding and leading tours in Poland. This includes also organising meals for my groups. Therefore there are many places where I like eating (or not) all around my country. I sometimes think I should give some advise on TripAdvisor, so that also the foreign tourists would know which restaurant is really good and which is only well advertised…

After commencing the political changes in Europe, and finally tearing down the Iron Curtain, Poland is now catching up with the rest of the world very quickly.

And as far as the quality of food is concerned – it can be said that the Poles have nothing to be ashamed of 🙂 More, they are gaining more and more fame.

Polish cuisine is becoming very popular, as it is often based on the so-called organic food, which is not modified, and its quality is high. The taste of Polish bread and sausages is very often one of the most cherished memories of visiting the country of Chopin and Walesa.

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Now, to start with my descriptions of restaurants, first comes MALBORK Castle with its Gothic Cafe and Restaurant.

In the second half of 2011, during Polish European Union presidency – the group of EU Ambassadors visited Malbork Castle. I witnessed the visit, as I had a great pleasure of guiding this group of Wonderful People. We also went to see the Castle.

And there – the Chef, Mr. Bogdan Gałązka (Galazka) prepared a meal for the honorable guests… Well, it is a pity I have no pictures of that event, but enough is to say, that he received standing ovation.

But Bogdan with his Taste of Gothic 😉 is not only focussed on known personalities from the front pages of the news.

He cooks for children – famous is his Children’s Culinary Academy, he also organizes Culinary Academy for adults (which is great fun – I know, as I participated in such an event). He organizes I dare say – the only such event in whole Poland – the Christmukkah for both Jewish and Catholic kids. And always there are crowds of participants – comparing to the space in the restaurant. He also organizes parties for company groups coming to conferences organized in Malbork Castle.

But he also gladly and with joy feeds anyone who drops in. Anyone – means the tourists visiting the Castle.

Prices are moderate. Taste – perfect. Service – excellent, and atmosphere – great.

Here one has a rare opportunity not only to visit the splendid medieval castle, but also to eat there an exceptional meal, and drink good wine.

Bogdan wrote two books – about cooking and cuisine. One concerns the times of the Teutonic Knights, and the other – focusses on the meals of the Polish kings. Both can be bought in the Restaurant. Both are worth having 😉

He graduated the New York Culinary Academy/Hunter College, but it is not just being a graduate. He is a true artist in what he does.

For years now I have been trying to resist the temptation of eating there more than I want 😉 no way!

He also is an author of the saying about the “evaporated calories”… And below is how the story goes – it became a story of the season 🙂

Some time ago I lunched at Bogdan’s with one of my wonderful groups. And he served his famous cheese cake. It is so mild and so delicate that it tastes like heaven.

My group of ladies did not want to eat that cake – concerned about the load of calories it might have (and probably has).

Bogdan calmly showed the cake to one of the ladies, sitting near:

“do you see the cake?” he asked her.

She did, as well and clear as we all did.

“So” – he continued – “Look, it is cut on all four sides…” He turned the plate with the deliciously looking piece of paradise in front of our eyes…

We all nodded.Indeed – the cake was a cube cut form the bigger piece.

“So” – once again he said – ” you see it has no calories at all”.

No? we all rose our brows in surprise.

“No” he continued with calm voice and a smile on his face. “my ladies, all the calories simply evaporated”…

We ate the cake. Some of us ate even two pieces 😉

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