German Concentration Camp – Stutthof

Today Stutthof is a little village on the Vistula Spit, and a summer resort.

It has a long, turbulent and very interesting history. In the past part of it had belonged to the Schopenhauer family (the parents of the famous German philosopher).

In 1939 however the Nazi regime changed the sleepy village into a nightmare. They prepared a camp first for the Polish intellectuals from the region – but soon it became an international extermination camp.

Poland was attacked in 1939 first by the Germans and then by the Russians. Both were well prepared to the occupation of the Polish state. The Germans opened and organized the concentration camps in the occupied Poland, the Russians sent Poles into Russia.

The Germans aimed Stutthof to be the concentration and death camp for the people living in the eastern-central Europe. The detailed history can be seen in the Museum.

In the area of 120 ha about 110 000 people were kept prisoner: men, women and children; citizens of 28 countries and over 30 nationalities. 65 000 lost their lives as a result of tortures, malnutrition and other inhuman conditions.

The camp was freed on the 9th of May 1945, by the 48th Army of the 3rd White Russian front.

Today it is a Museum of Martyrdom.

It is a difficult and hard tour, but a place worth seeing. To realize what a human can do to a human…

I do not attach any pictures of the today’s Museum – as I somehow did never think of taking any…

And one more – very important thing:

Very often especially the US magazines and newspapers tend to call the Concentration Camps that the Germans opened and run in Poland – the Polish Camps…

You can read here – how Mr. Alex Storozynski made it very clear that this is an unbelievable ignarance of history.



  1. Well done Mr. Alex Storozynski.
    Not only did you summarised the barbaric invasion by the German armed forces, but also clearly stating what those murdering hordes had done in Poland.
    The more short historic stories are published on the subject, the better for all sides. The truth frees and absolves human souls.

    Best regards,
    Witold “Wolyniak” Szymanski.

  2. How can a vicious, unprovoked and undeclared invasion of any country be described in moderation?

    1. Moderation is a very difficult feature. Especially for me. I am doing my best to nevertheless stay moderate. The aim of the articles on this site is neither rising revenge nor hate. The aim is – showing the beauty of this land. And the rich history too. Also the historical coexistence of the dwellers… 🙂

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