Stylish Guiding

Some time ago – inspired by the history of clothing, as well as by my long-term cooperation with the Yellow Regiment of Infantry in Gniew Castle, we decided to spice up our tours of Gdansk (of course not only here). The Baltic Opera House, as always, appeared helpful by lending us clothes… Us, means – me and my two colleagues, like me, Guides of Gdańsk.

And therefore one day on the streets of Gdansk there appeared characters in “historical” dresses. (well, I was not quite historical character, as I lacked the head dress ;)).

The reaction of people in the town was great – we only then realized how much such attractions are missing in my town.

In Malbor Castle it is obviuos and customary – that we guide dressed historically – espiecially during the Night Sightseeing, we also dress historically very often during the day tours too.

Our Gdańsk idea has only recently been noticed and caught up by other Gdansk guides. And successively I hope others will understand that this is a great way to enrich the sightseeing. This also can help to shake off the “clothing routine” of guiding (well, maybe not only the clothing routine …;)). Sometimes it might also improve the “scruffiness” of some guides’ appearance….

Bravo, keep it up !!!!!

I hope that as we started a new tradition in Gdansk – successivly other guides will follow in our footsteps. It is really worth a try! After all, it gets the tourist much closer to the era, and helps to make up the contact with the group too. Do not forget also that each of us has a child in him or her. Such outfit can detach from the gloomy reality for at least a while. 🙂

A colourful way to  break down the everyday dulness.

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Amber Contexts in Malbork Castle

What a shame I didn’t bring my camera with me today!!!

I sprang out from home, to late to think about anything. I overslept, and having quite a drive from Gdansk to Malbork to meet the group I was to guide, I rushed without thinking of anything besides to BE ON TIME…

The road was nearly empty – most of the citizens were in a frenzy of pre-Christmas shopping, probably crowding in some malls…

So, as always – I was much earlier and had some time for myself in the Castle. Therefore I went into the Middle Castle to the basement of the east wing, to see the newly arranged Amber Contexts Exhibition (if the text shows in Polish – just click the EN button on the top right side and it should be visible in English, or refresh the website)

Well, I am known for being a fault-finding person as far as the level of museums in Poland is concerned. And I am known for seldom going into raptures.

But this time I did…

I gasped with admiration. As the young generation would say – my jaw dropped with exaltation.

The exhibition is wonderful. AT LAST it shows the history of this Golden Teardrop of the Sun, as I call Amber.

(BTW – this is how I called Amber several years ago, and now everyone picked that phrase and it lives own life 😉 ).

Coming back to the exhibition – the darkness of the place, and the soft music, together with the detailed yet – interesting way of presentation – makes it AN EVENT. It is a pity that it was not that much voiced, as it should be. (It seems that Poland still does not know how to be proud of herself, and how to show her successes and heritage…)

Among the exhibits – besides the absolutely ravishing chest made by Christoph Maucher, there is the famous Great Amber Goblet. It comes from the collections of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow. It once belonged to Dr. William Hunter, the founder of this oldest museum in Scotland. The goblet was  subjected to preservation in the workshop of the Malbork Museum. It is simply … wonderful.

( BTW – I am thrilled – as I am going to visit the Hunterian Museum early next year 🙂 ) – picture from the official website of the Castle Museum.

So, whoever is planning to come to Gdansk (North Poland) – MALBORK (abt. 1,5 hrs drive south east) is an absolute MUST SEE 🙂

Not only because it is the biggest heap of bricks in the world, but also because it has the richest and most interesting (at least in Poland) Amber exhibition.