My Scottish trip

Some time ago, in 2012, I went to Scotland.

To be exact, I drove do Scotland. A friend of mine proposed he’d take me there on his way to his son. Well, I have always flown by plane, I have never taken Europe in a car. Well, not true – I have – but never that far. I decided to give it a try. I had some business to attend to in Edinburgh, so I had to go anyway. I got into the car and off we went. Travelling through Europe is great – now as the borders do not exist anymore, it is open for touring.

The first stop was at the Channel Tunnel. It was an experience for me – as I am claustrophobic, so I feared a bit – especially having in mind what happened in 2009. But the trip took about 20 minutes or so, so I managed, I survived. And here I was on the British Isles. The route “up the map” was quite easy. And finally we crossed the “border”, and drove into Scotland.

I went back in my memories, and remembered how many times in my life, still in Nigeria, I had heard about Robert the Bruce, Sir William Wallace, Arthur’s Seat, the Scottish mountains, and heather, and the Scotch broom (which also grows here in the north of Poland even more yellow, and which by the way, gave the name to the House of Plantagenet – from “planta genista”).

Finally I reached Edinburgh. As a great fan of history – I had it now all at my fingertips…

Especially I was concerned about St. Giles” Cathedral (particularly it’s Thistle Chapel), John Knox, Sir Archibald Campbell, and of course the Ramsays… To find out why Ramsays – read HERE.  Everyday I was starting my methodical sightseeing in the early morning, so as to see as much as I could…

I know now, I shall definitely return to Edinburgh. And the next time I will make sure to tak the Cities of the Underworld tour in the Mary King’s Close. I went there during my stay, but it was too late. 😦

So next time, I know what to see, what and where to visit, what to focus on in the city. And next time I shall take a train to Glasgow, to visit the Hunterian Museum too.

HERE and HERE are some pictures I have taken during my two days’ stay in this Grey Stone Town.

The only pity is that it is not allowed to take photos of the Stone of Scone. By the way – if anybody says again I am enthusiastic about Polish history – go and listen to a guide in the Edinburgh Castle! The way SHE talked about Scottish history made me feel not a patriot at all. 😉

Well, this is all I had to say about Edinburgh.

For now 🙂

Gdansk – different view

I am probably one of very few in Poland who has not gone frantic about all that EURO championship 🙂

And so being completely resistant to the nation-wide revel – I had some time to go through my pics of Gdansk, as quite often I am being asked to popularize some of them.

So HERE  ARE SOME PHOTOS of my city – a walk without a rush:)

Stylish Guiding

Some time ago – inspired by the history of clothing, as well as by my long-term cooperation with the Yellow Regiment of Infantry in Gniew Castle, we decided to spice up our tours of Gdansk (of course not only here). The Baltic Opera House, as always, appeared helpful by lending us clothes… Us, means – me and my two colleagues, like me, Guides of Gdańsk.

And therefore one day on the streets of Gdansk there appeared characters in “historical” dresses. (well, I was not quite historical character, as I lacked the head dress ;)).

The reaction of people in the town was great – we only then realized how much such attractions are missing in my town.

In Malbor Castle it is obviuos and customary – that we guide dressed historically – espiecially during the Night Sightseeing, we also dress historically very often during the day tours too.

Our Gdańsk idea has only recently been noticed and caught up by other Gdansk guides. And successively I hope others will understand that this is a great way to enrich the sightseeing. This also can help to shake off the “clothing routine” of guiding (well, maybe not only the clothing routine …;)). Sometimes it might also improve the “scruffiness” of some guides’ appearance….

Bravo, keep it up !!!!!

I hope that as we started a new tradition in Gdansk – successivly other guides will follow in our footsteps. It is really worth a try! After all, it gets the tourist much closer to the era, and helps to make up the contact with the group too. Do not forget also that each of us has a child in him or her. Such outfit can detach from the gloomy reality for at least a while. 🙂

A colourful way to  break down the everyday dulness.

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