St. Mary’s in Torun

Whenever I visit Torun, I mainly concentrate on St. Mary’s church…

It is hypnotic.

I do not treat it as a church from today’s perspective. I am amazed by its strong medieval message. We truly are dominated by the grandeur of the interior, and forced to look up. Today by looking UP – we mean looking at the splendid vaulted ceilings. But for a medieval man, it was looking farther, beyond. The ceiling of the church was Heaven itself, the site of God. In the middle ages with the very strong religiousness, it was an extremely important ideological message…

The construction of Torun’s St. Mary’s church started in … 1343. The same year as St. Mary’s Church in Gdansk, and was completed at the end of the century.

HERE is a short video of the church and here ANOTHER one… And ANOTHER

To feel the atmosphere and to inhale the ages of history – you must come to Torun 🙂

Women’s Day in Cracow

I came back from training.

Nothing new, just in my case, it is rather very natural conclusion.

This training, however, was quite exceptional, as it took place in a very unique place.

The place was Cracow’s basements of the Main Market.

The Market Undergrounds Route Exhibition – is one of the most interesting tourist routes in Poland. Not only because of the content, (as one might say – the load of the material history – uffff, how smart it sounded). It is exceptional also because of the concept and idea and realization of the exhibition. Of course one can blame the authors of the exhibition (it is not the Historical Museum of Cracow), that they overdid – as it is too loud there (I mean the reconstructed sounds of historical Cracow coming from speakers placed in different places of the exhibition), therefore the guide actually has to strain the voice a bit. But, nevertheless all  there deserves a high appreciation.

Who has not yet been in Cracow’s Market Square basement, can “taste” a bit of the climate in Gdansk Blue Lamb (department of the Gdansk Archaeological Museum) – unfortunately the Museum site is only in Polish :(.

However, in Cracow, the creators went further on – and instead of figures served to the visitors a good script with short cinematics. And there are absolutely fabulous “archaeological witnesses” (it is a bit of the original profile saved for further documentation of the site)! And the impressive preserved medieval paved roads with wooden curbs!

Unfortunately, as A.S. was ill, I traveled alone, and therefore I did not take my camera with me. I was afraid to take it – mindful of the risk of travelling alone in our so-called mass transportation. BTW – if the Polish Railway System ran with equal frequency as is checking tickets – it would almost be an idyll in the country …

Who’d want to know more about the Underground Tourist Route can visit this site

It was worth travelling by train 13 hours to the former Capital of Poland only to spend 6 hours underground and then to go on the return trip – for another 14 hours. Why longer and further??? Noone knows. One is obvious – 21st century in Poland definitely should be noted in history as a Regression – and unfortunately in every aspect…

But back to the topic – I got a book 🙂 – by  professor Michał Rożek “Guide to the monuments of Krakow”. With his personal inscription and an unforgettable conversation.

And even the weather made life worth living, making Cracow more than usually crowded (Gdansk should learn from Cracow HOW to make business on tourism!).

And then I had a delicious dinner at the Szara Restaurant – but the restaurant is a separate story itself…

Thus, the training was successful in every aspect …

And by the way – there is something about the ages of the presence of the Polish part of my family in Cracow. Whenever I put my foot in this city – I sink in and return to the roots. Even the gossip (probably unchanged for centuries) seems nice and hearty.

However the view of Ilawa through the train window on the way back and involuntary emotion – that’s returning to Prussia, made it clear to me that this is My Place on earth.

On the other hand, luckily I do not really fully belong to The One Place.

I have Places Dear to My Heart – genetically encoded – and no matter how close or far they are – whenever I visit them – I do it with joy. 🙂