Salt shakers…

For years now I have been visiting the Saltworks Castle in Wieliczka. And to be honest, it is one of my favorite museums in Poland.

Also today I went there, just as soon as my group entered the Salt Mine. I was anxious to see their rearranged exhibition of the salt shakers. And, it really is a charming one.

Here are some photos. (unfortunately I did not have my camera with me).

Enjoy 😊

My YouTube Channel

Often I am asked to give links to my video presentations I make from photos I have taken here and there.

I have a lot of them – so HERE is a link to my channel.

I hope all my Visitors will enjoy the pictures as much as I do enjoy them 🙂


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More pictures and galleries of Poland

I have recently added some new galleries to my YouTube channel – and have decided to share it with everyone.

HERE is a link to the photos I uploaded. There also are some short videos I made – so ENJOY 😉

Poland – photo shortcut

As I do a lot of photos, and love to share them – HERE  is a link to my new Poland photo album.

enjoy 🙂

Maybe this will encourage some of you – to come and see my wonderful country – Poland.

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