En route – collection

It still is season, although not as busy as in summer, but still I find it difficult to settle. The worst of all is that in the meantime, I have no time to sit down and sort out the photos taken throughout the season. And there is quite a lot to file. Some probably will have to be deleted. It always is a problem – which ones should I delete? Sometimes there is wonderful light but not to sharp edges… Well, finally recently I had some time, as I was ill. So being stuck at home for few days (without rush!), I finall managed to do some sorting 😉

Here are the results – three short miscellanies – one about Torun (what else could it be if not my beloved town!), the other – Poland en route and the third – Malbork (with some pics that had been waiting since past winter) 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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