My places on earth – Zakopane

Finally – returned from a tour.

It was A TOUR with A GROUP…

Such group happens once in 10 years… or so. So I shall just state, that they were all wonderful. Simply wonderful. Each and every of them – took a pleasure of being together and took from Poland the best they could.

And what about me?

Well, it was a joy to be their guide… And to be able to share with them my places, my likes, and my favorites :D

The tour went through My Places… but some of them disappointed me very much. Wrocław – compared to Kraków was empty. What happened to this marvelous town I wanted to return to so much! In both there are many restoration works going on, but Krakow never sleeps, while Wrocław was sleepy the whole day long.

Zakopane – as always – proved to be unpredictable ;) From sun to rain and heavy mist. As usually in the mountains. But this time it all happened in one day :)

The Tatras – as always mighty. And pathetic.
My place on earth… Although I’ve never been high up there, I feel tied to this exeptional view…

Zakopane as a town – is one big fair. Everywhere you can buy sheep’s cheese, slippers (done in a specific style), and a lot of stuff you definitely do not need – but you can’t live without ;)

I remember the town being a little more quiet and less tawdry. But well, times change – and probably the tastes of visitors too;). Having not much time, I was however abel to rush around – tracing OLD traces… 😉

Although I once had aid I’d NEVER again go to Gubałówka (I still remember the fear skiing down it while being a 6y.old…) – I went there…. And know what ???  The view from Gubałówka Mountain was worth the chill and rain we experienced there. To get there – one must take an electric car or train (however it is called). Best view is from the place just after getting off on top.
View – on the Giewont Mountain… Of course provided that there is no rain and no mist and … it is warm.

We had all – rain, mist and chill…

But – what a view!!!

Here are some pics of Giewont, which is (for me) one of the most picturesque mountains in the Tatras. Here it can be seen as it disappears… as the weather changes.


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